Hotel Management An Growing Career

hotel management has risen as a sought after job that offers great exposure, excitement, remuneration and lifestyle. Read on to check out the various courses offered under hotel management by the top colleges/universities in India & the world and other aspects of choosing hotel management as career.

In its essence, hotel management allows people to work in an industry which requires a very diverse set of skills in an individual.
The industry has witnessed a rise of large corporations jumping into the hotel industry and creating chains of hotels which cater to all classes of customers from the richest 1% to the casual budget travellers. This has also increased the chances of getting around-the-world exposure for hotel managers as they learn and work at various locations and have higher chances of getting absorbed into better roles and opportunities.

An ideal candidate for hotel management should have patience, excellent communication skills, organizational background, and self-discipline. He/she should also be friendly, extrovert, polite, courteous and possess the ability to work under stress. One of the most important attributes required is the readiness and ability to work during odd hours.

After pursuing and availing a degree in hotel management, there are several choices from which a person has to choose to create a USP for himself/herself in the industry.
Start your own hotel
Work in an existing hotel as a manager
Teach at hotel management institutes
Work as a consultant to the existing hotels

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